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Michael Hyde is a man of many musical talents. He has spent his life playing and producing music for live performance, TV, film, in the studio; and he plays music all over the world.

Born in Belize, Central America, into a musical family, Michael Hyde has been playing music, as he says, "since I know myself" and he has been playing that music around the country and around the world. Michael Hyde lives in California and spends his time producing, arranging, and engineering music for others in Jazz, Reggae, Latin, Caribbean, R&B, and African. Michael plays many musical instruments, writes songs and is particularly capable on the keyboards.

He currently tours and records with Ziggy Marley, and has toured with various bands including Big Mountain and Wailing Souls.

Michael Hyde's career has given him the opportunity to work on projects with Eddie Murphy, Willie Nelson, Jermaine Jackson, El Debarge, Ziggy Marley, Sly and Robbie, Wailing Souls, Barrington Levy, Burning Spear, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Pink, Big Mountain, Elan, Patience Dabany, Eek-A-Mouse, Chinna Smith, Fully Fulwood, Tony Chin, Red-X, Detour Posse, Crucial, Eddy Griffin.

Michael Hyde and Randeesh have played music together since their days in the Belizean band "Bamiki Bandula" and have collaborated on two CDs "People Are You Ready? Randeesh Sings Roots Reggae" and "Courage".

ERROL BROWN  Mixing and Engineering on Courage

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On his CD "Courage" Randeesh teams up with producer-arranger Michael Hyde (Ziggy Marley, Big Mountain) to blend the cool sounds of Canada with the tropical sounds of their Belizean-Caribbean roots. Together they have created songs with heartbeat rhythms, conscious lyrics and a dance-your-troubles-away atmosphere.

Errol Brown's mixing/engineering (Bob Marley, Shaggy, Eryka Badu) brings clarity to the performances of some of the reggae greats: Chizzy Chisholm, Chinna Smith, Tony Chin, Takeshi Akimoto, Pablo Stennett, Steve Verhault, Squidley Cole, Fabian Cooke, and Delroy "Chris" Cooper.

The horn section of Kevin Bachelor and the Unity horns is bright. Belizean trumpeter Norman Ysaguirre solos on "Have To Try"; and "Courage" drummer Delhart Mac was a member of Belizean band, "Bamiki Bandula" along with Randeesh and Michael Hyde.

Background singers Danielle Lamette, Fabian Cooke, Michael Hyde, Amelia Diaz and the Unity Choir add their voices to the sound.

Adams and Fortune are the assistant engineers. Tyler Gentry created the "Courage" album cover.


Cal Koat World Beat Canada Review of Courage

Vancouver worldbeat fans who still remember our early morning sessions on 96.1FM may also recall the music of Randeesh.Born on Latin America's Caribbean coast in Belize, he's now a fixture on the Sunshine Coast, wearer of bright colours, creator of conscious reggae. Courage, the follow -up to People, Are You Ready? is a cut above and a giant leap forward for the performer. As a matter of fact, it's one of those albums that reaffirms your faith in the independently produced album. The popular misconception is that indies aren't quite up to industry standard in production values. That's just not the case here. Randeesh has created elaborate but not overly-ornate arrangements for his songs utilizing authentic and progressive musical elements. The melodies toy with the form while the lyrical hooks remain rooted in the most positive of vibes. The final mix is quite flawless and the man himself has never sounded better. More than just courage went into this disc. It's obviously been a labor of love and perseverance.

Brent Hagerman - Exclaim! Canada's Music Authority

Courage is full of uplifting reggae vibes from the conscious roots tradition. Born in Western Belize, where Boom and Shine and Bruckdown sounds weave Latin and Caribbean rhythms, Randeesh is now based in Western Canada but does well to remember his roots, particularly the sounds of the Eastern coastal Belize, which is greatly influenced by Jamaican music. Randeesh has gathered about him some heavy weights of reggae, particularly producer Michael Hyde (Big Mountain, Ziggy Marley), engineer Errol Brown (Bob Marley, Lauryn Hill) and guitarists Earl "Chinna" Smith from the legendary High Times Band to record a bottom heavy, yet lyrically smooth album. READ MORE ...

Ted "The Boot" Boothroyd CD Reviews at Jahworks.org

Rating: B

Wow, this guy Randeesh is direct. He’s not interested in gussying up his performance, or his songwriting either. Think of a folkie singing at a campfire, probably mid-evening, after the silliness but before things get too emotional. Think story-telling time. Think of a gifted child singing honest, unassuming songs. Think of the exact opposite of American Idol’s grandiose, I’m-out-to-impress dramatics.

Randeesh is from the Caribbean area, specifically Belize, which perhaps accounts for the reggae in his soul (and most of his repertoire), but he now lives on the vast west coast of Canada, uncrowded except for trees. Perhaps that accounts for all the space between the words when he sings. He has a serviceable voice, but it’s not strong or supple, and his phrasing is rather unadventurous, part of his directness. Randeesh’s lyrics tend to the simple and unsophisticated, edging awfully close to preachiness at times: “Why don’t we shine our light all over the world,” for example–he only gets away with that because he’s so darned sincere.

I don’t want to give the wrong impression; this is not just a guy’s naked voice and acoustic guitar. There is lively instrumentation, in fact, including electric guitar and horns, some decoration here and there in the form of female background singers (notably chanting a shoo-be-oop I-Three style accompaniment in a Bob Marley tribute), and even some electronically enhanced textures. A dancehall rhythm enlivens the title track, although the vocal is gentle. “I Look to the Mountain” is funky, with an interesting call and response structure in the vocal, and “Have to Try” has a bouncy rhythm with a supremely catchy sing-along refrain.

The last two tracks on the disk successfully expand the rhythmic horizons. Both feature the traditional “boom and shine” Belize rhythm, to my ears a busy and pleasing combination of reggae, nyahbinghi and Bo Diddley beats, all ratcheted up a notch in speed. The first of these is my favorite, but the second has a very friendly acoustic guitar solo, so it’s not far behind.

That’s Randeesh. Direct and unadulterated, if not quite unadorned. Fifty minutes of antidote to American Idol. Go for it.

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Evan Hyde Review of Courage in Belize Newspaper Amandala

Belizean-Canadian Randy Goff, a son of the late, famous Belizean trumpeter Stanley Goff, has  released his second compact disc, entitled COURAGE. In Belize, Randeesh was a member of Dickie Straughan's Bamiki Bandula.

Randeesh writes his songs in the coastal rainforest of British Columbia. He is a Canadian citizen, one of 725 Belizean- Canadians recorded in the 2001 Canadian Census.

Jan deGrass Arts Reporter, Coast Reporter Review of the Sechelt 50th Anniversary Show

"Then it is the turn of Roberts Creek singer Randeesh with his Bob Marley tunes and Belize beat, along with Gibsons African dancer Jean-Pierre Makosso and a friend, Kesseke Yeo, a former dancer with the Ivory Coast national ballet, to ignite the crowd’s energy. Through the big speakers, the message to spread our love really turns the mood around. Talk about owning the stage!'