RANDEESH - a man of music, art, and nature

Randeesh plays music on BC’s Sunshine Coast – solo, in a duo, and

with a band. You can find him busking six days a week in Sechelt at

the Trail Bay Mall, playing the standards, calypso, reggae, soul, R&B,

American pop, and Belizean traditional songs. Or you might attend a

festival, wedding, fair, market, parade, private party, fundraiser or

special occasion and hear Randeesh’s distinctive voice.  


Randeesh was born in Belize City, Belize, Central America, son of

Linda and the late Stanley Goff, one of eight children. His mother,

Linda Goff raised her children moving from one district to the next;

following her husband Stanley who was a magistrate in the courts as

well as trumpet player for and band leader of SIG and the Rhythm Boys.


The influence of Randeesh ‘s Belizean neighbours – Kriol, Garifuna,

Mayan, East Indian,Spanish, Chinese, Mennonite, Lebanese and

British – is there in the songs he has written and recorded on his two

CDs, “People are You Ready” and “Courage”.  In his performances,

Randeesh blends Caribbean and American arrangements, lyrics, and

rhythms to deliver a festive, irie vibe (Caribbean slang for a feeling of

worry free harmony and peace.)


These days Randeesh doesn’t travel very far to play music, but as

trumpet player for the Belizean band Bamiki Bandula, he toured

throughout Central America and twice in the US. When Randeesh

arrived in Vancouver, Canada, he played trumpet and sang with both

Canadian and Caribbean bands. Once on the Sunshine Coast he

played with his two reggae bands, Randeesh Reggae Band and

Randeesh and the Lions.

Randeesh is a proud Canadian who loves his Belizean roots.